To IPad2 or Not to IPad2

picture of ipadSo it is finally here, the long awaited IPad 2 is now available in stores.  Well as the owner of an IPad, the thought of running out and spending money on an upgrade does not move me to stand in line to get it.  I find that I am happy with my IPad and will probably forego the rush to run right out and buy a new one, considering that my current one is not even a year old.

My purchase of my IPad was not to be hip, nor am I a chaser of technology (those who know me are probably ROFL right now), but was more out of necessity for business purposes.  It is more convenient than my Mac Book or my Vaio and with the apps that I have downloaded; I can do practically everything I need to on it.  I have on a few occasions left home forgetting to carry it and found myself feeling lost without it.  If there is anything that I could equate it to, it would be sort of like Crackberry the name for individuals who are addicted to their Blackberry.  So I guess you could say that I have IPadrcack addiction since on those few times that I did leave it home the feeling of loss was too much for me to bare so I ended up adjusting my schedule to return home to retrieve it.

It has become a necessary or essential piece of equipment for me in order to function normally, sort of like that daily Grande White Chocolate Mocha that I must have every morning from Starbucks, while reading the Ney York Times on my IPad of course.  Not having either one would definitely have an effect on me…am I addicted, yes I am, and I am happy.  However is my addiction enough for me to to run out and buy the IPad2?  No it is not.

I visited the Apple Store to take a look at the newer version, and I will admit that it is lighter, it has lost some weight, and from the sales pitch from the sales rep., wait no that is not correct, from the Genius, it is a lot faster than my current IPad with its 3G and WhiFi connections that allow me to blog anywhere.  With all that, I think I will stick with my IPad for just a little while longer.  We have grown to know each other and well, I have never been a short term relationship kind of guy.


Kiyong Tai

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