My Obama Nation

Everyone will remember where they were when Barack Obama changed the face of the world by becoming the first Black man to be elected to the office of President of the United States.  Hollywood of course had been ahead of the game having cast a few black presidents in a few movies, and they all seemed to end in disaster. Everyone seemed to have expected that he possessed a magic wand that he was going to wave and America was going to be good again, not that it ever was, but we hoped for better times.  When the magic failed to appear, the smiling faces turned into angry crowds that expressed their First Amendment rights every chance they got.

All of a sudden the war in Iraq was now “Obama’s War”, the recession that began during the Bush Administration became “Obamasession”, healthcare “Obamacare” and the fact that money needed to be spent to in order to save our economy seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.  The same healthcare that everyone running for President agreed that we needed and is now a reality is now talked about as if we woke up one morning and “oh lord look what he done did while we were sleeping.”

This is my question, where were the Tea Partiers when Bush was in office creating these problems, where were the National outcry that said STOP?  Now you are marching on Washington and electing people into office just for the sake of throwing a monkey wrench into the machine that we all said (Republicans included) America needed. Would America be a better place if Sarah Palin had made it to the White House, would we be able to sleep then?

Obama did not create the situation that we are in, we all did.  Every American who did not exercise their right to vote and vote with conviction and stood by while this country went to hell is responsible.  It is as if the magic wand that Obama was expected to use to make everything better overnight was stolen by the Republicans and they have used it to make us all forget that they created the problems we now face.  Is everything perfect?  Hell no, but it is a lot better than it could have been if we had continued under a Republican administration.

I would rather live in an Obama nation than a Romney one.


Kiyong Tai

Urban is proud to introduce author, entrepreneur, and lifestyle/political blogger David "Kiyongtai" Allison-McPherson. Kiyongtai is responsible for creating G2G Urban a boutique Communications and Marketing firm that specializes in urban marketing and brand development . His most recent startup is K'TAI Cosmetics, and exclusive makeup line for women of color. His work is visible on a number of social network sites that carry his distinctive style of creativity and design ranging from dating networks, internet publications and lifestyle communities.

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