Men: Undetectable Victims of Domestic Violence

There are many men who are walking around with an undetectable issue that has become a silent killer in our community. Most of us will never be able to admit that we are victims, and those that do experience a sense of de-masulinity at having to admit it. However one in seven men are the victims of domestic violence.  When we hear about domestic violence we immediately envision a woman as the victim, it is less likely for us to see the man as being the victim. Today there is a national dialogue on men abusing women, however there is no such dialogue taking place that addresses men as the victims of abuse.

As young boys we are trained to believe that women are the gentler sex and should be protect. It is engrained into our society that a man should never strike a woman and so when we are faced with a situation that they are the initiators of violence, we are often unprepared to react.

Kiyong Tai

Urban is proud to introduce author, entrepreneur, and lifestyle/political blogger David "Kiyongtai" Allison-McPherson. Kiyongtai is responsible for creating G2G Urban a boutique Communications and Marketing firm that specializes in urban marketing and brand development . His most recent startup is K'TAI Cosmetics, and exclusive makeup line for women of color. His work is visible on a number of social network sites that carry his distinctive style of creativity and design ranging from dating networks, internet publications and lifestyle communities.

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