What Did you Call Me…Kobe Bryant Needs To Shut Up

Kobe BryantKobe Bryant, NBA’s bad boy is fined $100,000.000 for calling an NBA referee a “fucking faggot”. ┬áDuring a game on Wednesday against the San Antonio Spurs, Bryant who was ejected from the game, called out to the referee Bennie Adams and mouthed the words “fucking faggot”. Bryant later said that the comment was made in the heat of the game and did not reflect a personal dislike for the LGBT community.

Bryant in an interview on ESPN 710 Radio following the incident was apologetic for his actions saying “The comment that I made, even though it was not meant in the way it was perceived to be, is none the less wrong, so it is important to won that.” Bryant said that he would be appealing the fine, however that was just a formality.

NBA Commissioner David Stern said that the comment was “offensive and inexcusable”. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) through its president Joe Solmones said he applauded the NBA’s swift action in fining Bryant. Solmones noted that Bryant had reached out to him personally to express his apologies for the incident.

Bryant can be clearly seen on video mouthing the words, but the question is, if the referee did not hear them, should he be fined. The fact that he called out to the referee just prior to making the statement would mean that he had every intention for him to hear it. The fact that he did not hear it should be of no consequence. There are this who would say that in the heat of the game, it is a given.

Then there are those who would ask, well is Bennie Adams gay? One may think that with the HRC’s swift decent on the situation. Regardless of wether it was said in the heat of the moment or not, the fact is that it appeared on television and to let it just pass would in itself be offensive. Had Adams had said something like “nigger sit down” or even mouthed it, we would have demanded his head.

Bryant admits to saying it so case closed. Do I agree that he should be fined $100,000.00 for it? Yes I do, however I would much rather see the fine paid to an LGBT organization. Kobe just needs to shut up, however I think that after this he probably will


Kiyong Tai

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2 thoughts on “What Did you Call Me…Kobe Bryant Needs To Shut Up

  • April 18, 2011 at 12:35 AM

    For the simple fact that he called him a “faggot” when the issue had nothing to do with his sexuality makes me think Bryant does have a problem gay people. He could have called him anything just in the books but that word came out. Makes you think…

  • April 19, 2011 at 6:26 PM

    I think it’s quite strange that the masses look to celebrities to set the morale compass of our day. I really could care less what Kobe mouths or mumbles out of his mouth. My biggest concern is that we [the people] enjoy using celebrities as way to hold them accountable for the things that we ourselves do behind close doors. I definitely don’t think he should have been fined this money and I don’t think that he’s a homophobic. I think we’ve all said some dumb things in the midst of anger. Good thiing we don’t have a camera stuck up our asses capturing every movement and inaudible mouthed words we don’t necessarily say out loud. I think this is another attempt to smear other in the public eye. We the people who enjoy putting these people on pedestals have some sick rooted need to in the same breath tear them to shreds. Since the NBA has taken $100,000 from Kobe, what are they going to do with it? Will they give it to Gay non profits organizations? That’s what should be sprewed across airwaves. NBA what do you plan to do with this $100,000 that you robbed from Kobe?

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