Luther Campbell for Mayor, He is Dead Serious

Luther Campbell ” Luther “Luke” Campell is running for Mayor, well he could not do any worst.” Ask most people in Miami-Dade County what they feel about Luther Campbell running for Mayor and that would seem to be the general reaction. After a successful recall to oust Carlos “Fidel” Alvarez from office after a string of political mistakes that lead up to a recall effort by Billionaire car dealer Norman Brahman. A special election is set for May 24th, with a number of contenders stepping forward to run for the position of mayor,  among them is of course rapper turned entrepreneur Luther Campbell.

Best known as the front man for rap group the 2 Live Crew in the 80’s, Luther Campbell has literally grown up. Anyone who knows him will attest to the fact that along with age and maturity, he has grown into a successful businessman with community ties and a family. Like most residents, he is concerned about what is happening in his community and wants to do something about it. Is he the right candidate for the job, many seem to think that he is, given the fact that what seperates him from the others vying for the position is that he is not a politician. He does not think like one and has none of the political ties that all of the other candidates will bring with them to the office or the history of corruption and backdoor dealings. He just wants to do what is best for Miami-Dade County and I for one think that it is time someone did.

He is no stranger to the community, he has been a outspoken community activist for many years working with young people in our community and has championed a number of causes all of which have been important ones. We cannot also forget that without his challenge to the constitutionality of ban on his music in the 1980’s, rap and hip/hop would not have had the opportunity to grow and flourish not only in this community but across the country. Say what you want, I think that we need change, and on May 24th, I would like to be there to see change come to Miami-Dade County.

It will however remain to be seen if residents will look beyond race and ethnicity and vote on the merits of the candidate. I think that if voters are willing to do that, they will see that we have an opportunity for some real change in our community and I for one think that change is Luther Campbell.

So who will I be voting for? I will be voting for “LUKE”, not because I think that he cannot do any worst, but because I think he can do a whole lot better.

Kiyong Tai

Urban is proud to introduce author, entrepreneur, and lifestyle/political blogger David "Kiyongtai" Allison-McPherson. Kiyongtai is responsible for creating G2G Urban a boutique Communications and Marketing firm that specializes in urban marketing and brand development . His most recent startup is K'TAI Cosmetics, and exclusive makeup line for women of color. His work is visible on a number of social network sites that carry his distinctive style of creativity and design ranging from dating networks, internet publications and lifestyle communities.

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