P90X Challenge

P90X posterOK, it is official, I am a big fat slob. No I am not being too harsh on myself, i am just being realistic. The reality of the situation is that I have let myself go and when I say “go” I mean go. I am topping the scale at a whopping 215 lbs, and at 5′,7″, that is in no way attractive or healthy.

What has lead to my current state, well I can only say that a combination of things, eating habits, lack of exercise and diet. I mean being a single parent, working a full time job and running a business while in school leaves little time for the gym, and you eat what is convenient. So, here I am.

Since I have a gym membership, actually two and still cant seem to make it to either one, I am going to try something new. I am joining the P90X craze that has swept the nation and try and see if their claim to a 90 day transition is actually possible. I have my first book signing in DC during Memorial Day Weekend, and I an hoping to be a lot leaner by then, say 180 with a little definition.

I will post period weekly blogs on my progress and some video blogs about the actual workout so that you can follow along. I am hoping that at the end of my challenge, I will have a leaner and healthier me.

So my first post is today, with the very unflattering before photo (yes I need some sun too) attached. Lets see if I will be singing the praises of P90X in 60-90 days.

Kiyong Tai

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