No Hope for Bonds…

Picture of Barry BondThe list of witnesses against Barry Bonds just keeps getting longer and longer and keeping track is just tedious. First there was the couches, then the trainer and they even pulled out an ex-girlfriend to tensely that the record setting baseball super-star was doped up on steroid during his carreer.

The case just keeps getting deeper and deeper, so what are the possible outcomes of the trial? Well for one thing, if found guilty, he will go down in the history books as another failed athlete who relied on steroid to perform. Any hope of a baseball hall of fame recognition would be gone and for that matter any contracts that maybe still in play may just be out the door.

Do we set our athletes up for failure by expecting too much from them? We put them in categories that equate them to super humans and then expect them to live up to it. In many ways their personal failures are ours as well. We continue to see a long line of athletes self destruct right before our eyes compliments of the media, but we continue to expect more of them. We tend to forget that they are only human.

At the end of this public trial, the media will go away and Bonds like the many that came before him, will be left to pick up whatever pieces are left. The fans will fade into the darkness and the moment of glory that they once held will be gone. The price paid for their success may not be all that its cracked up to be, but it still remains theirs to deal with.

Kiyong Tai

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