Niki Minaj Where is the Beef?

Nicki Minaj – Tragedy (Lil’ Kim Diss) Snippet

photo of Niki MinajBlack Friday…Pink Monday…what is with all the beef. You would think that the RAP World was big enough for two successful inspiring black women to co-exist, but it would seem that is not the case as Niki Minaj responds to Lil Kim’s dis in the form of a less than 2 minute mix tape (if your can call it that) that was released over the weekend.

Now besides the purpose, I have to admit that Niki is very talented to say the least with her response that was to the point and so loud that it was deafening. No doubt Lil Kim who was busy squashing the run or that she was put ashore in the Cayman Isalands by Carnival Cruiseline’s Tom Joyner Cruise after she went ghetto on staff, has not had time to respond.

At this point, I think that someone needs to be a lady and just let it go. In a world filled with video of our youth engaged in fights that include the whole family and sometimes the whole block. I think it is time that someone with some influence stand up and say that this is enough.

Kiyong Tai

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