Looking for a Job, McDonalds is Hiring!

Picture of McDonalds ResturantA sign that the economy is picking up, national fast food resturant chain McDonalds will hold a National Hiring Day on April 19th in an effort to employ over 50,000 individuals. The chain says that it will seek to hire approximately 4 persons for each of its stores through the United States.

McDonalds says that with many of its stores moving to 24 hour operations, that there is a need to hire more staff from crew members to managers. With many areas hit by economic downturn, fast food restaurants like McDonalds is showing a profit due to reduced prices in their meals and marketing adjustments like Nugget Mondays where the restaurants famous chicken nuggets are available for only 99 cents.

McDonalds was the first to introduce the dollar menu that featured a number of items for just $1.00 and customers responded.

Kiyong Tai

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