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  • I Hate You…

    There is that saying that any man can make a child, but not every man can be a father.  It is a wonderful day when your kids are born and then  you watch them as they grow up.  You are there to provide for there needs, sometimes making personal sacrifices to ensure their safety and […]

  • Its Not What They Call You, But What You Answer To…

    I just finished shooting an “It Gets Better” spot aimed at inspiring Jamaican teens whom are dealing with bullying.  I was asked to not only do the spot, but to also produce it as well, and in doing so it brought back memories of growing up the youngest in a family of four boys and […]

  • My Obama Nation

    Everyone will remember where they were when Barack Obama changed the face of the world by becoming the first Black man to be elected to the office of President of the United States.  Hollywood of course had been ahead of the game having cast a few black presidents in a few movies, and they all […]

  • Man with Afro and shades

    It Gets Better…It Really Does

    So I just left the studio taping my “It Gets Better” spot for I was asked to add my own voice to the growing movement that has swept the nation by some friends who knew of my own struggles coming to terms with my sexuality. Sitting there sharing my life and giving my words […]

  • Luther Campbell

    Luther Campbell for Mayor, He is Dead Serious

    ” Luther “Luke” Campell is running for Mayor, well he could not do any worst.” Ask most people in Miami-Dade County what they feel about Luther Campbell running for Mayor and that would seem to be the general reaction. After a successful recall to oust Carlos “Fidel” Alvarez from office after a string of political […]

  • Kobe Bryant

    What Did you Call Me…Kobe Bryant Needs To Shut Up

    Kobe Bryant, NBA’s bad boy is fined $100,000.000 for calling an NBA referee a “fucking faggot”.  During a game on Wednesday against the San Antonio Spurs, Bryant who was ejected from the game, called out to the referee Bennie Adams and mouthed the words “fucking faggot”. Bryant later said that the comment was made in […]

  • Picture of Barry Bond

    No Hope for Bonds…

    The list of witnesses against Barry Bonds just keeps getting longer and longer and keeping track is just tedious. First there was the couches, then the trainer and they even pulled out an ex-girlfriend to tensely that the record setting baseball super-star was doped up on steroid during his carreer. The case just keeps getting […]

  • Picture of McDonalds Resturant

    Looking for a Job, McDonalds is Hiring!

    A sign that the economy is picking up, national fast food resturant chain McDonalds will hold a National Hiring Day on April 19th in an effort to employ over 50,000 individuals. The chain says that it will seek to hire approximately 4 persons for each of its stores through the United States. McDonalds says that […]

  • Washington DC

    Chocolate City a Little Less Chocolate

    As the results from the 2010 Census continue to come in, new revelations on the status of African American communities continue to stun everyone including some of the people living right where the changes are taking place.  Washington DC, long known nick-named “Chocolate City” for its large Black population may have lost much of its […]

  • Chris Brown