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  • Kobe Bryant

    What Did you Call Me…Kobe Bryant Needs To Shut Up

    Kobe Bryant, NBA’s bad boy is fined $100,000.000 for calling an NBA referee a “fucking faggot”. ┬áDuring a game on Wednesday against the San Antonio Spurs, Bryant who was ejected from the game, called out to the referee Bennie Adams and mouthed the words “fucking faggot”. Bryant later said that the comment was made in […]

  • Picture of Barry Bond

    No Hope for Bonds…

    The list of witnesses against Barry Bonds just keeps getting longer and longer and keeping track is just tedious. First there was the couches, then the trainer and they even pulled out an ex-girlfriend to tensely that the record setting baseball super-star was doped up on steroid during his carreer. The case just keeps getting […]