About Urban Brotha

UrbanBrotha.com is a unique experience for today’s urban man that provides a platform for discussion and sharing ideas on a number of topics ranging from relationships, entertainment and a number of catagories in between.  From topics straight on of todays headlines to discussions from every corner of the world.  From the urban brotha on his hustle on the corner, to the brothers on our college and university campuses to the brothers holding it down in the corporate world.  From the boardroom to the entrepreneur, UrbanBrotha.com discusses it all.


UrbanBrotha.com invites contributions from some of the most insightful, educated and well rounded individuals that provides you with a very varied view of a number of topics.  It is in that vein that we introduce our featured contributor for our launch.

Urban Brotha welcomes the contributions of author, lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur David “Kiyongtai” Allison-McPherson.  Kiyong Tai is a successful entrepreneur with his own communications and marketing consulting firm Kiyong Tai, LLC, based in Miami, Florida.  In addition to his success in business, he is the author of a new novel, and his writing contributions can be seen on a number of internet sights throughout the worldwide web.  His creative writing style has made him a sought after writer and contributor on a full range of social and lifestyle topics.